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Rivers, Lakes and Canals in Kent

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Kent Rivers, Lakes and Canals Information

Kent might not be home to any of Britain's great rivers, nor any of the major lakes of the UK. It's not even joined to the extensive canal network that served much of England during the 18th and 19th centuries.

But Kent's waterways still make delightful places to visit, for a gentle stroll, to fish, or maybe a bit of canoeing or boating.

The two principal rivers - the Stour in east Kent, and the Medway in the west, twist and turn through attractive valleys and pretty countryside. Many of the county's main towns and cities have grown up along the banks of one or other of these rivers - Tonbridge, Maidstone, Chatham, Rochester, Canterbury, Ashford, and Sandwich, all lie along the route.

The smaller rivers - mostly tributaries of the Stour and Medway, are also worthy of some time to explore.

Picturesque villages, mills, and historic bridges lie along their courses, and many a pleasant stroll can be had as you tread the waterside paths.

The largest lake - actually a man-mad reservoir - is at Bewl Water, which straddles the Kent/Sussex border. It was created by constucting a large dam, and flooding three linked valleys. Underneath the waters, that now buzz with watersports enthusiasts, remain a church, a farm house, and various other structures.

The best know of Kent's canals was built as a mainly as a defensive structure. The Royal Military Canal flows between Hythe and Rye, and was intended as a barrier against any invading Napoleonic army.

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