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Forests, Woods and Country Parks In Kent

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If you'd come to visit Kent at the time of the Romans, you'd have found a county that was largely covered in woodland and wild meadows.

Nowadays there is precious little left of it, and what there is has been rightfully protected in many cases. Thankfully that means there are still some delightful forests and woodland areas to explore, and some wonderful country parks to relax in and enjoy.

The following pages feature a wide variety of natural areas to explore in Kent, from large to small, each with it's own unique character.

Wherever you go in the county, you’re never far from some area of natural beauty to enjoy.

If you like a walk through the forest, try the National Pinetum at Bedgebury. Its benefitted from a massive investment in recent years, and has seen it used to construct well maintained paths, cycle tracks, activity areas, as well as a visitor centre.

Kent's country parks also offer a great deal of choice, from lakeside walks and historic sites, to reclaimed quarries, and even reclaimed land from the English Channel, under the White Cliffs of Dover! (see Samphire Hoe).

Wherever you choose for your day out, though, remember to follow the Country Code, so that it stay just as nice for your next visit.

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